Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Completed Tag

In completion of a request by my blog buddy Reach. My filled out tag assignment rests below:

6 Weird Things You Did Not Know About Me, But Should, Otherwise Life As You Know It Will Not Continue:
1) I have to speak in public on occasion as part of my job. I hate it. I dread dread dread speaking in public.
2) I have been married to the same lovely lady for 33 years. A testament to her patience, not mine.
3) I was a police officer for 7 years of my life.
4) I am a masters track athlete. That’s USA Track & Field’s designation for athletes over 30. I will compete in the National Indoor Championships in Boston March 24-26.
5) I detest yardwork.
6) I was born in outback West Texas on a cotton farm.

4 Jobs I have Had In My Life:
1) House building (carpentry) in my youth.
2) Bartender
3) Police Officer
4) Architect

4 Movies I Could Watch Repeatedly and Over…...
(none over and over but these are ones I have seen more than once)
1) Falling Down
2) A Few Good Men
3) Million Dollar Baby
4) Cool Hand Luke

4 Places I Have Lived:
1) Lamesa, Texas
2) Lubbock, Texas
3) Norman, Oklahoma
4) Arlington, Texas

4 TV Shows With Which I Like To Numb My Mind:
1) 24
2) ESPN Baseball Tonight
3) Seinfeld
4) Friends

4 Places I have visited In Order To forget About the Real World for a while:
1) Cypress Cove, Kissimmee Florida
2) San Diego
3) NYC
4) Seattle

6 Websites I Visit Daily:
6) (Major League Baseball)

4 Foods I could Get Enormously Fat On, If I Didn’t Stop Myself:
1) Ice Cream
2) Cookies
3) Bourbon
4) Peanut Butter

4 Places I’d Rather Be Than Parked At My Desk:
1) Nudist resort in Florida
2) On a track; running fast
3) In bed with Reese Witherspoon…er….I mean my wife…jus kiddin sweetie ..;)
4) San Diego coastline


patti_cake said...

Now I know that much more about you.. my life is complete :) Actually I have to agree with your foods to get fat on but substitute the bourbon with rum

Reach said...

I, too, like your food group. Bourbon, is that not on the food chain? It is on my food chain.

With the experiences I have had camping, I have not included any nudist camps. I guess I just do not wish to bump into "Poor Mark" and participate in his conversation of choice.

Thank you for the post.


Seven said...

Patti Cake
In either case, rum or bourbon, I guess we could get fat in a fog. I have noticed a lot of women drink rum! And Dr.Pepper. Ever notice that?

My pleasure. Since I made Mark up, I would REALLY be surprised to see him there. Full blown psychosis at that point!
And yes, Bourbon is the foundation you can't see below the FDA foods pyramid.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That's right! I forgot you're a Cypress Cove Nudist Resort fan!!! I think I told you before, that's like 5 miles from Palace Peanut!!!

I've never been inside but I used to live in Poinciana (I'm sure you know where that is) so I'd pass by there several times a day!!!

P.S. Peanut Butter = nector of the Gods! :)

Great meme! :)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

P.P.S. - Captain Morgan rocks!