Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Legislators Work Late In Lafave Case

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Sunny Florida

Charges against Debra Lafave were dropped yesterday by the judge in her prosecution. The Florida teacher was accused of having sex with a 14 year old male student. Lafave admitted to the contact with the student in interviews with the police.

In a stunning move within the Florida legislator male congress members worked throughout the night attempting to pass new legislation regarding the penalties for crimes like Lafave’s.

The legislators hoped to pass legislation with retroactive applications that would include Lafave.
The legislation being promoted in the evening’s 11th hour read as follows:

Article 69.69 Penalties/Requirements for sexual reformation:
When a licensed or unlicensed female individual, being compensated to teach within a State of Florida educational institution is convicted of sexual crimes against an opposite sex minor, the described offender will be required to be educated by the current and former male members of congress in the sexual arts. Offender will engage in regular and non-regular sexual acts with the described male legislators in an attempt to reform the offender into enjoying sexual contact with male adults in lieu of male minors. Female members of the legislature are exempt from this reforming activity with the offender.
Exception A: When said offender(s) do not rise to the level of sexual attraction or personal beauty of Debra Lafave, members may option out of the reform process.

The vote failed along gender lines; female members voting in the negative. Dismayed male members said the legislation is unlikely to be raised again as all of the legislators were motivated by the opportunity to reform Miss Lafave in particular.

This reporter attempted to contact former President Bill Clinton for comment. His staff said they were busy filing residency papers for Clinton to become a Florida resident, and that Mr.Clinton was pondering a run for the Florida Senate. After hearing the judge's ruling, the staff asked if I knew of Lafave's exact whereabouts, indicating Mr. Clinton felt she could benefit from his counsel.
Now. On a more serious note. Does anyone seriously doubt the double standard in our society? Can you imagine a male offender walking away from the courtroom; no punishment at all for raping a 14 year old female student? Not one day spent in jail? Imagine the national outrage.


Jenn said...

First of all...eeewwwww.

Secondly - you are correct, sir, about the double standard in our society. But it works both ways...sort of...the whole idea that if a girl sleeps with a lot of guys, she's a slut whereas a male doing the same thing is a stud - that's always irritated me.

If someone sleeps with a lot of people...that person is promiscuous. If they're gross about it...maybe then they're a slut.

We've got issues.

Sheesh...is that teacher old enough to teach? She looks about 15!

Seven said...

You hit on a subject I really want to write about; in a serious way. I am still collecting my scattered thoughts on the subject and my courage...but I will have some time on an airplane this weekend and may compose a little of it. Tricky subject about male v female standards as it relates to our biology.
And you are so sooo right about the double standard going two ways. No argument here.

Kelly said...

Double standards are wrong no matter what and they have no place in the legal system. I cannot believe this tramp got off virtually scott-free! She has the gall to blame it on bipolar disorder. One of my girlfriends is bipolar, but she is *not* a pedophile. What is even more sickening is the way the media fawns over these sex offenders. Today I suddenly realized that I can do something about it.
If I get on a jury for a man charged with a sex crime I will vote for full aquittal on all charges regardless of the evidence. I usually dread the yearly summons for jury duty, but now I am looking forward to it. Maybe if it happens enough this nonsense will stop

patti_cake said...

Very valid point Jen. It is true had this been a male teacher (and her being a very attractive female doesn't hurt either) there would have been sheer OUTRAGE.
I think men are "encouraged" to be Playa's where a girl is labelled negatively if she attempts same, and that sucks. The double standard will always exist though i'm afraid.

Seven said...

Thanks for the comments Kelly,
I'm not certain voting a person innocent when they are actually guilty solves the problem; but I do acknowledge your positive intent and your sensitivity to the Lafave injustice. I sometimes think these very pretty women are somewhat like our coddled pro athletes; believing they can get away with whatever they wish. I wrote the satire portion around that idea. Maybe if Miss Lafave were not so pretty she would not have skated?

Seven said...

I will write a piece soon on the double standard in our society (both ways); I just have to find the courage since as you know sensitive topics can bring out a lot of emotion. But I will do so soon. As always, thanks for the daily input and sound points.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That has been all the DJ's on the radio have been talking about this morning.

And you KNOW that if it would've been a male teacher, he'd be UNDER the damn jail right now.

The whole thing is just crazy.

Seven said...

Hi Stacy,
I know this is right down in your state; I bet it is a hot topic. I am also told that male offenders sent to prison are 'at risk offenders' from the violence of other prisoners just because of the nature of their crime. So...maybe they are better off under the jail.
I'm not sure there is room for all the Catholic priests however.

patti_cake said...

Please do that post Rick it will be interesting. and I very much agree attractive people get away with alot more. A LOT.

Jenn said...

Courage Rick. Your readers can handle it.

Seven said...

When I say courage it's more that on that particular issue I would have to write in an opinion giving but mostly input seeking manner. Sometimes readers or listeners make a jump from my giving/seeking to personalizing what I say as an attack on them. I have a friend that does this in practically every conversation I have with her.
But you give me confidence that the intellectual giving would be met with the thoughtful input I would be seeking. And that by the way is a totally different blog on the process of segragating discernment from judgment.
It may be next week since I have to travel this weekend to a track meet.
I have come to value your input. Thanks.

Grant said...

I vaguely remember being 14. If some hot teacher boffed me, I would not have felt violated or damaged in any way. I seriously doubt the word "rape" would have been my description (something along the lines of "woohoo" would be more likely). I survived all that masturbation and fantasizing, so I think I would have survived the real thing as well. The hard part would have been keeping it to myself. I know I would have bragged to all my friends, especially the ones who claimed to be having regular sex with a hot girl who lived in another county which is why they were so sure we had never met they refused to supply a name. In fact, I would have wanted to strut up and down the school hallways, pointing to her classroom and shouting "Effin' A right! I hit that! Go Grant...go Grant..."

Seven said...

Indeed my friend, that is the great hazard for a female teacher pedophile. We will tell everybody.

Grant said...

You'll be relieved to know god has a plan for her (look to the bottom of the article).

Seven said...

Clearly headed for the Catholic priesthood

Reach said...

I don't think that "bump" is the correct wording. After all, she was in a car.

Ok, only as an example- see what you think. Yes this proves the double standard. Internet pedophiles are lured to locations by the police. The offender has only spoken with undercover police via the internet. The offender most likely did have intentions, but could not act on them due to the police's presence. The suspect has not commited the crime he/she was charged with by the DA. Yet, Miss Lafave admits to her crime, plus the police have witnesses.
On one hand, only the intention of the crime and the suspect is presented on the evening news and sent to prison.
On the other hand, admission of guilt, plus eye witnesses, and the true criminal walks out of court, FREE.



Seven said...

I see your point of course. There is also the case of the male Florida teacher sentenced to five years recently for the same conduct with a 15 year old female student.
I understand this is all related to the boy not wanting to testify, but still.
I heard a female lawyer, interviewed on television, refer to Lafave as 'little miss cupcakes" and I broke out laughing out loud.
Some fault does lie here with the boy being unwilling to testify; perhaps if he did the story would unfold differently.

Reach said...

I think you are reaching my point. In my "for instance", I referred to a non-existant child which lead to conviction.

Unlike all the afore metioned cases, with actual victims.

This case holds all the proof, for conviction- I see your point.