Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Daily Erasing

As I roam around the various blogs I am struck by the wide variety of material and thinking that I encounter. One emotion I continually see is the ever popular ‘rant’ blog. We have all seen or written these. There is always something we hate or dislike or disapprove of and so on.

I try to make sense of it this way:
I am one that believes. I do not think we are here accidentally. I believe we come to this life in a pure form and this I think can be witnessed in the wonder of childhood and all of its attendant innocence, honesty and intuition.
I believe; because I want to open my understanding to the things I have never known, seeking and finding the truths that I can not conceive, yet I know exist outside my present comprehension. That self awareness of my own ignorance propels me toward the corollary thought that there is a source that does know all things. Believing in that source begs the question of whether the source is pure good or something less. Sensing the feeling I, and others I know have when we achieve good instead of darkness causes me to know without hesitation that good is at the core of the creation. It is a pure good without dilution.

How then to bring the good that is pure in its origin to our more difficult edges of daily existence?

The mind is like a magnet. It draws energy and information from many sources. Those sources imprint the accepted information on the mind. The mind then controls our thoughts and behavior based on the imprinting we allow to take place. Imagine that you could control the imprinting. I ask you to imagine this because I believe each of us can do it. Imagine that you can control the polarity of the magnet in your mind that attracts the negative or the positive. If easier, imagine you have an eraser and you can choose what you keep as an imprint and you also choose what to erase. Then erase what invokes negative feeling, thoughts and behaviors. Imagine it as a delete key on your mental keyboard.

The good that exists inside us each has been there from the beginning awaiting our acknowledgment. The dark that exists was not originally there. It is not present in the freshness of early childhood, it is acquired from the outside. The darkness can be acknowledged or it can be dismissed; erased if you will. The polarity of the mental magnet reversed; so that only the good remains and the hate and darkness drop away.

Some would call this acting on our intuitive good. Because the good is the essence of the creation it is reasonable to accept that the good is in its natural home and has always been there and that darkness is the unwelcome guest. The dark smudge that requires erasure.

This is all so very difficult isn’t it? We work with diligence at erasing the good things and allow the dark smudges; denying the good that is original while fostering the dark that is the interloper.

I’m still at work on this rock pile. I'm hoping to erase what didn’t come into the world with me as an original and dignified passenger, but rather stuck it’s thumb out and is now hitching a ride, occupying a spot in which it is unwelcome.

I trust for a tomorrow where my mind exempts itself from the negative imposters embedded in daily life; the day when I am able to accurately discern the innate positive truth from the outer barrage of negating non-truth. I don't know yet what that pure truth might be. I do know where to look. I know it has as always been inside me, waiting to be separated from the imposters. I pray for the day I find it's every peace/piece.

I pray the same for you each.


Molly said...

I have been reading the funny stuff and I enjoy it. However Rick,this is when you are at your best when you are teaching. You have taught me so very much in a short time.
Like another handful of your posts, this one has left me with a comforting smile on my face and tears of understanding in my eyes.
You have a remarkable talent and intellect and something tells me you are God sent.
Thank You.

Molly said...

Oh and I forgot to say I like the new picture. You are much cuter than the smoking baby....giggles :-)

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I really like the way you think...and I don't think we're here "accidentally" either. But I tell you, I sure wish I knew what my purpose is...I'm still looking for it! :)

Oh, by the way, very cool profile picture..:)

Seven said...

Hi Molly,
You are very kind, I don't know if it is teaching or a small dim flashlight shining into a big big dark universe. In either case, you are welcome and thank you.
My wife is a pro photographer and did the pic for me. Thanks for noticing.

Seven said...

Often our purpose finds us rather than the converse. I know I get large enjoyment from your posts and you are a part of my everyday now. I understand that represents your purpose on my behalf not your own; nevertheless your purpose will find you if you are open to it and may have already done so. Sometimes recognition is the missing link.

patti_cake said...

Like Stacy i'd like to know what my purpose is also. Well, I do know i'm here to raise/guide my daughter and hopefully produce a decent,compassionate,kind,honest member of the human race. I like the profile pic too although I kinda miss the baby LOL

Grant said...

Evilspeak, one of my favorite movies, included the following logic: "The world is an evil place ruled by an evil force and therefore it follows that Satan is God." Works for me. At least the music is better.

Seven said...

A good and decent start I'd say. And you too are part of my day.

Seven said...
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Seven said...

And does the movie address the good that lives inside Grant? Is it to be distinguished?

Reach said...

With so many people on the same voyage, you are finding yourself as an avenue. Your ability to write your thoughts in a poetic form, you bring the reader to an all too familiar question; what is my purpose? Unfortunately, life never truly reveals that answer. I think this is because; if we settle for only one purpose, then our existence would be concluded with our purposes end. In this line of thinking, I believe our lives serve many purposes, with each day to day experience.

As for erasing the “Dark”, or “Evil”; I believe we require the evil- just as we require the good. I try to find the good in every evil. I feel my complete understanding of each side will allow my progression. As you recall, I have briefly introduced my dark side to this world. Without my experiences during this period, I could never evolve toward the “Whole Person”, which is where I desire to live. Now, my life’s education has brought my ability to recognize this side. Additionally, I now completely hold the ability to walk away from those, who I see as “Dark”.

I guess I am saying to you, with this novel; you are a light, an intellect and force, for many to witness. Please do not let it end here.


Seven said...

My head was nodding as I read along; much truth well stated throughout. I got to the end and felt very flattered. Your words are kind, your alaysis cogent; you have a pretty good set of wheels on that brain of yours too.
Much peace to you.

Seven said...

Of course I meant analysis!