Monday, March 06, 2006

Precious Days

Standing at the door of tomorrow, blackness beyond the opening
What I have known and still know is present
Ruthless truth speaking mirrors push me toward the door
Photographs of youthfulness pull me back
Precious days are slipping away

Hoping on some days to step through the door
Into the blackness broken by tiny glimmering stars
Another day walking backward in fear
Half hoping I’ll never know what’s beyond the door; I’m too alive and too strong
That’s what I believed only yesterday
Still the door beckons and the unknown beyond the dark steals my thoughts
Precious days are slipping away

Closer now to the door I go out
Than the door I came in
Knowing the best lies behind
Then thinking perhaps its in front
Beyond the door and into the dark; the promise awaits
Precious days are slipping away

Wish on a star beyond the door
Drop a tear for what has passed
Know the circle moves on never closed
Life doesn’t wait to become; death surprises most
Grandchildren play at my feet that were once swift
Precious time is slipping away

Sand slips through the hole of the hour glass
Like water slips through the hand
Leaving the moisture of memory
And puddles of tears at our feet
Mirror please lie to me tomorrow
Let the door stay closed; and the sand be stilled
Precious time is slipping away


Molly said...

Lovely, sad, poignant, thoughtful, elusive and real.
I have read this about ten times now. When I finally had it completely absorbed, about the 7th reading, I had a cleansing cry that I needed.
This is truly beautiful.

Denny Shane said...

Rick... excellent!! Have you been to The Butler Didn't Do It?

If you go to my blog today I write about it... you may want to put some of your material on it as well...

Reach said...

How do you know, where life has brought me?
How do you know, where my mind takes me?

Perfectly written, I ask for more.


Seven said...

I think it's only common humanity, or maybe in this case a common honest exam of our mortality. Thanks for the nice comment.