Saturday, December 24, 2005

Pssst........What I want for Christmas!

Christmas Eve has come and I’m now sitting her fully confident about what I want for Christmas.

Have you noticed there are basically two types of people when it comes to making out a Christmas gift list? We have two children. Our daughter was and is always able to happily supply us with a list of things that she wants for Christmas. She is never extravagant in her list and seems to have a sixth sense of what is just the right amount or expense of things to place on the list. That of course makes her the easy one for Christmas gifting.

Our son is much too much like me. His standard response is “I don’t know, I’ll think about it”. This is exactly the same thing I say to my wife and daughter which naturally drives them absolutely nuts. Neither my son nor I actually really think about it. We just leave everybody wondering. I do know why. I just can’t think of anything really useful that I have not already identified and bought myself.

Of course all of us can think of something that we want that we can’t actually afford. That’s easy and it is obviously unproductive to persons in your family to have a list that they can’t afford either. This is especially true when the kids are small and it is your money they are using anyway. So for a moment I am going to imagine that my relatives have won the lottery, hopefully my own children are the fantasy winners. I want them to win the lottery because I have figured out something very useful to my life. The problem is I can’t afford it.

Now I have noticed that moneyed people purchase a lot of things that many of us would love to have. Cars, boats, large fancy houses, vacation homes, expensive watches, worldwide vacations. I suppose I could use any of that and not have big complaints. However, if my children win the lottery and have a few million available for old dad, well here it is:

I want a full time chef and nutritionist. I want food specifically designed for my athletic endeavors and training. I want it to taste like 5-star restaurant quality vittles, and I absolutely don’t want to tell this person what I want. I need them to just know these things and have it ready when it is time. Real good eating 24-7 for the rest of my life with my brain in park.

No more last minute grocery store shopping. No more figuring out what I really want to fix and or eat.

I want a happy, good natured chef with a nutritious tasty plan. Day after day after day.

Yep. That’s what I want for Christmas.

It’s 5pm on Christmas Eve here in Texas, and I don’t have any indication that the kids have become wealthy this year.

Well, maybe next year.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Anonymous said...

Me TOO Honey!!!!!! I do hope this Happy Chef is cleaning up after his/her-self.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

So? What did you get? That chef make it to your house yet or what?

Seven said...

Hey PQ,
Actually our gifting is delayed until this wekend when my daughter (she lives in St Louis) can join us. There is still hope!
I exist on hope for many things. May as well put a chef on the list too!
Is a female chef a chef, or cheffette?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I don't know what you call 'em and I don't care...I'd love to have one of my very own too! :)